Jersey Skylands Labrador Retriever Club, Inc

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Please think carefully about all the responsibilities that come with a new puppy. Consider contacting one of the breeders with an older puppy or adult dog listed below to see if they may be more appropriate to your lifestyle and situation.

Disclaimer Clause: The Jersey Skylands Labrador Retriever Club, Inc. makes no warranties, expressed or implied, as to the condition of any dogs being offered for sale, standards or practices of any breeder, the quality of their animals or the accuracy of any of the information contained with the JSLRC, Inc. This disclaimer includes information received by telephone, newsletter listing, this website, any links from any website or by any other means. JSLRC, Inc. does not endorse, recommend, or guarantee any kennel, breeder or dog listed. Please review all contracts directly with the breeder.

In order for a litter to be placed in the referral program, both parents must be certified free of hip and eye problems. There are no restrictions on older puppies and dogs available.


The following JSLRC members have puppies or dogs listed as available at this time:


3 Year Old Yellow Female

Spayed, Crate trained & good with other dogs.                                                            OFA Good Hips/Normal Elbows, Eyes ACVO Normal 1/30/22, PRA Normal/Clear, Heart Auscultation Normal/Clear, EIC Normal/Clear, HNPK Normal/Clear, CNM Normal/Clear, DM Normal/Clear, RD Normal/Clear, SD2 Normal/Clear

Contact:  Ann DeGraw at 908-362-5514 or